Stop Intimidation by Meter Taxis at Eastgate Shopping Center

I have received many complaints from residents about physical and verbal intimidation by Meter Taxis who rank at Eastgate Shopping Centre.

In one instance a lady was dragged from a car by meter taxi drivers, because she dared to use her freedom of choice, by paying for an uber driver to collect her.
In another instance, a meter taxi blocked the car of an uber driver, to prevent the female customer from getting into the uber car & threatening both the customer & the uber driver.

Many residents tell how they are forced to walk long distances, outside Eastgate shopping center premises, which is not safe, just to safely get an uber driver to pick them up. Yet others tell of how uber cars are followed when dropping off the customer at Eastgate, with uber driver's lives being threatened by meter taxi drivers.

Even youngsters are fair game for intimidation & threats, by these meter taxi drivers.

It is every South African's right to choose with which company he/she spends his/her money. No company and by extension it's employees, has the right to force the public, under threat of death or violence, to make use of their services. Yet this is exactly what is taking place at Eastgate Shopping center, with the Meter Taxi Drivers!

We as residents, hereby take a stand against the intimidation & violence against us, perpetrated by Meter Taxi Drivers who rank at Eastgate Shopping Centre & we insist that Eastgate Shopping centre get rid of these gangsters who are terrorizing us on their premises.

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